To your Defendant, our process servers say, "Tell that to the judge!"

About The
    Your Los Angeles Civil & Family Court
    Services Department

        The most important concern of The Department is the execution
    of superior customer service and excellent pricing while
    remaining high in score for quality of service. The main way by
    which we accomplish this is by giving a professional image over
    the phone and in person.

        Our first priority is the prompt and polite customer service we
    practice on an everyday basis. Through an array of services we
    integrate liberal and professional services into our basic
    operational procedures. We strive constantly for the best
    customer service experience while being there for them and
    helping them to get their documents served by understanding
    and respecting the customer  24/7/365.

        Study of the highest quality by our employees is fundamental
    to our mission. The Department is one of a very small number of
    professional government certified courier and process server
    service companies and are determined to keep our customer
    service superior at all times. We are not just simply couriers and
    process servers serving documents, but active learners,
    contributors, workers and practice learning and excellent
    customer service everywhere we go.

        The Department is welcoming new customers such as
    attorneys, businesses and individuals of all classes and
    statures. By being strongly committed to excellent customer
    service we are proud and honored of our heritage.

        A wonderful closeness and willingness to help others is
    discerned by our attorneys, customers and businesses for
    those who are using our service. Our messenger family is close
    and supportive while we help customers of all sorts every step
    of the way.

        In the Los Angeles County and the surrounding counties, The
    Department offers public help and services in a variety of areas
    such as courier and messenger service, service of process of a
    variety of documents, the execution of the collection of
    judgements, court filing and shipping services. We are also
    interested in our customers welfare by maintaining our pricing at
    an affordable rate of $46.20 for a small claims.

        The Department has developed a convenient way to order and pay for
    courier services as well as service of process orders. We expect to
    maintain our customer service level and pricing and to expand our
    services to reach the apex of customer service. Therefore, our plan and
    commitment and business policies are expanding and will continue
    toward building complete customer satisfaction in all areas.

    Revised 3-24- 2016
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